Why you need an encrypted phone.

What if I was to tell you that your private data is under siege through your own mobile phone? It is important for you to understand that smartphones are not secure mobiles and the apps that you use are not as well encrypted as you think. They do not contain the software or operating systems to defend your handsets from attack. Encrypted phones using PGP and ECC cryptography are becoming business and individual essentials. Evidence shows that these are the way forward in protecting your business and yourself in the fight against criminals. It is not just identify thieves that operate online. There are many types of cyber-crime – Drug offences, trafficking, laundering, and much more are taking advantage of the weaknesses in people’s online lack of knowledge.

What is a burner phone?

Keeping your personal and private data safe and secure on a mobile phone is becoming more and more complex. There are various tools and options if you want to protect your identity and communications over your phones. A burner phone is a cheap mobile phone intended for short term use, after which it can be thrown away. Burners are not illegal, they are obtained without a record or contract so they remain anonymous, and have prepaid minutes. However, they are not untraceable phones. They can easily be traced by the authorities in time.
Although prepaid phones are frequently called burners, it’s more probable that the devices will be retained and the minutes topped up when they end. Only people with a critical need for privacy are users of burner phones. Most people grew familiar with burner phones from viewing their favourite television programs in which drug dealers speak or messaging on burners and then discard them to block police tracking. If the user considered that the number was identified, they could discard the phone and obtain a new one, which would have a completely separate number. This is considered the best way to evade arrest by law enforcement. But they are not very practical for everyday use by ordinary people.

Smartphones are not encrypted phones.

The majority of people these days have a smartphone. No matter if to is an Apple phone or Android most people have one. Phone numbers and personal information stored on them are increasingly being jeopardised. They are connecting user data across many databases and different networks. As a result, mobile privacy is a difficult developing security issue leaving people open to potential strikes from hackers and organised crime.
There is a major shift in the demand for encrypted phones and devices. They are the way forward in protecting your vulnerabilities in data and privacy. Untraceable phones are becoming very popular. Using simplistic encryption platforms or apps, which most people use today, does not protect your information, this includes, messages, chat, phone calls even an image or photo. ChatMailecc uses a whole different level of security and encryption software which has never been seen before. End to end encryption determines that all means of contact, including phone calls and messages, even chats, are entirely protected from hackers. Senders are protected in the knowledge that their mobile phone is shielded by private keys, not just a passcode that is simple to unlock by people who know-how. The receiver who is also using an encrypted device is again shielded.

How does this encryption work?

ChatMailecc has developed an advanced method of using both PGP and ECC to protect their devices. This is a superior way to defend your device and stop them from being breached. We provide multiple layers of security to protect the handset and everything on it. PGP – Pretty Good Protection encryption was devised for email security and made the messages into a format of unreadable text until it reaches the other encrypted phone, it is then deciphered. It is not 100% guarded against attacks on its own. ECC stands for Elliptical Curve Cryptography, it is a system by which private keys are applied to protect devices and their content. ChatMailecc has included both of these specialist quality methods to shield and protect their encrypted devices. They are taking security to the next level. ChatMailecc is a highly respected company in the UK that supplies encryption phones and devices to many businesses and individuals that deal with sensitive information. Whether it is regarding their clients or simply for themselves, these encrypted telephones give the owner peace of mind.

ChatMailecc is leading the way with exclusive technology that protects any individual no matter what. These are by far a more desirable option for long term protection against attacks. Criminal organisations are fast-moving into the online world and they are not just a national problem but an international problem. Most countries and governments have been too slow to react to this war and their monitoring systems are not able to cope with the scale of the problem. It takes time for investigations and analysis before any arrests are made. It can be months or years of being monitored and operations. Meanwhile innocent people are being subjected to fraud and being penalised. However, you can make the change into your own hands and protect yourself from being exploitable by anonymous thieves and criminals.

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