Who are you?

A HACKER will tell you within 15 minutes!!

Advanced techniques permit them to quickly bypass your locked phone’s passcode and extract accessible information such as saved text messages, images, e-mails, photos, and instant messages. This includes details that you think has been deleted. Subsequently, your information can then be observed, saved, distributed, filtered, examined, and, most worryingly, extorted, or traded.

what is encryption

Identity theft is serious but for some it is much more harmful.

Illegal sales on your credit card and online shopping accounts, a payment demand, or personal privacy violation, the purpose is to know your location, contacts, and your mission objectives to display, attack or stop you by whatever means they deem necessary.
ChatMail has one purpose in mind: to keep our users and their private information and communications protected from possible or critical danger and exploitation by corrupt people. What is encryption? This is the multi layered security that we use to shield all you data. 

What if your company had a data violation?

Corporate information is the most priceless asset you have. Encryption is not just for companies or individuals managing private projects. If you have employees who control data, you are exposed to cyber threats or cyber hacking occurrences, which can cost you a lot of money to fix and leave you helpless to adverse publicity and loss of trust in your business.
Most employees routinely communicate internal and client data that demands shielding. Personal or company-issued phones that are not encrypted constitute a notable liability for all companies today. Data violations happen when hackers infiltrate and recover valuable information from Smartphones, which they leverage to their evil success. Standard encrypted devices are not as secure as you may think. 

encryption phone

ChatMail has produced an advanced encryption defence that preserves employee productivity while assuring your information is inaccessible and guarded.

Finance & Banking
Clients depend on financial and lending organisations for necessary goods and services. They assume that their personal information and identity are private and protected. ChatMail guards against any expected warnings or dangers to the safety or honesty of these records and eradicates the chance of abuse and inconvenience to your clients and corporate standing.
75% of oil and natural gas companies became prey to at least one cyberattack in recent years. The industry is worth over $1.8 trillion. As cybercrime actions facing the sector become more prevalent and advanced, ChatMail shields you from major attacks, which can take hundreds of millions of dollars, and risks linked with obstructing services, field data theft, and environmental destruction.
Cybercriminals commonly target pharmaceutical businesses. Predicted to be a $1.2 trillion enterprise by 2021, the theft of high-value intellectual property including clinical data, drug formulas for compounds, patents, and patient or employee personal data is worth considerably more to cybercriminals rather than personal data. Recovery from a significant violation can have added expensive results, including being required to reproduce clinical trials, destruction to products in development, production deficits, and lost profits. ChatMail eradicates the risk of threats and crimes via employee personal mobile devices.
Security & Defence
Citizens depend on national security and defense firms to protect them both at home and abroad, including safeguard from cyber threats, warfare, and social engineering crimes. Recent domestic security events have proved the hazards of government employees and contractors handling classified and unclassified sensitive information via mobile phones. ChatMail is designed to preserve governmental employees and businesses, politicians, and police from device interference.
If you’re an activist, you’re most likely being monitored. Activism can be risky not just to your cause but to the people behind it. Often, peaceful demonstrations happen in unfriendly regions, and leaked documents, and information can lead to your security and your cause being compromised. ChatMail security can save lives and your cause from monitoring by governments, extremist groups, counter-activists, data infiltration.
Journalists are at heightened risk of facing state or societal monitoring, hindering their rights to freedom of speech, safely and confidently operating with sources, and unlock knowledge about controversial subjects within democratic or undemocratic, developed, or developing communities alike.

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