Your Privacy - It matters

Your information is worth stealing, even if you don’t believe it is. With industry-leading technology and infrastructure, we’ve built a simplistic platform that employs the most reliable encryption algorithms to ensure your personal data is secure and protected.

online attackers

Someone becomes a victim to cyber crime every 39 seconds!

Your private data, records, connections, and communications are of more worth to criminals than any physical asset you own. Anyone can be affected by fraud, identity theft, and ransom. The majority of times, it’s due to an individual’s mistake and failure to recognise that you have data worth taking. You do not realise how much you have to lose.

Apps drive the mobile phone industry, yet few people take the time to examine the provider or set of permissions you are giving. You are, in many cases, granting complete access to your personal data. This is essential to assure the app’s functionality. But when you have downloaded, it’s impossible to comprehend how your private data and network is being used, shared, observed, and altered without additional notification or permission.
ChatMail Worldwide shields your privacy at all times via state-of-the-art encrypted technology via advanced encryption software.

big business secure data

ChatMail fully owns our data centre and works in a democratic nation that upholds human rights, citizens' privacy, encryption laws, and due process.

Sole ownership of our servers guarantees round-the-clock protection and control, eliminating the hazards linked with outsourcing to third-party information centres where maintenance, back-up rules, and physical access are often hidden.
Our exclusive design ensures our servers do not collect anything exceeding a username, activation, and expiry date.

ecrypted contacts

Adding a user to your list of contacts to start chatting is a thing of the past.

We have produced an automatic identification verification system to make it easy.
There is no further need for manually validating keys or complicated certification.