Take your privacy in your own hands encrypted phone

ChatMail gives the most powerful encryption possible to shield your personal data and safety.

ChatMail is available globally through our international distribution team.
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Everyone has a right to privacy

ChatMail has been developed and produced to guard the primary rights of our customers and users.

With unparalleled structural abilities and a seamless interface—companies, individuals, and businesses can communicate securely and confidentially.

Unlike apps that are downloaded with encryption software, comprehensive protection assurance is the main aim of our business, so we offer a complete privacy solution beginning from the operating system, network infrastructure, software, data communications, and servers. Our ChatMail mobile devices feature tamper-proof integrated end-to-end encryption. It is everything you want from an encrypted phone.

One Unified App

Simplicity is our foundation. With ChatMail, you no longer have to change between apps; everything you require is in one place on the encrypted phone. We’ve effectively streamlined the user experience by producing the most advanced, intuitive, and intensely encrypted mobile phone software. Fewer gateways involve fewer difficulties. By eradicating the need for complicated layers of security or entry points for cyber criminals to infiltrate, it becomes more straightforward.

encrypted phone


If your private keys get in the wrong hands, your personal data and security are at risk, so you have full control over your private keys. The keys are generated by the user and never leave your ChatMail encrypted device. This will maintain your peace of mind.


ChatMail implements an integrated end-to-end encrypted messaging code via our Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol (CAMP), which is entirely unique to ChatMail and incorporates both our PGP and Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC). One-touch access enables you to obtain immediate access to your encrypted messages and groups through one app. You also can send and receive voice messages via earpiece or speaker (or set device to use auto-detection).


Take notes with the comfort of never having to worry about unlawful access to your personal or professional records. Your information is never stored in clear text and needs your password to grant access to your messages for a maximum of 15 minutes. An optional secondary pin guards your sensitive notes when sharing your device with an associate. ChatMail guarantees that your encrypted files and data are continuously shielded and available within our backup and restore feature

- N E X T
E N C R Y P T I O N -

ChatMail was first to offer a multi-layer integrated encryption program that uses the proprietary ChatMail Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol (CAMP) to implement a more fluid, seamless communication platform shielded by both PGP and Elliptical Curve Cryptography.
When communicating with other ChatMail devices, you can access high-level functions like group encrypted chat, voice messaging, picture messaging, and standard chat. However, ChatMail devices can also interact with conventional PGP encrypted smartphones using standard PGP encrypted software, the phone defaults to the most reliable method of encryption and contacts are colour-coded
to show if they are internal (also using the CAMP protocol) or external (using PGP software). Internal users will have the added features including: encrypted voice messages, encrypted pictures, and self-destructing messages.


Connect with your Authorised ChatMail Representative from within your profile, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Self-destructing messages will be terminated on both devices as per the designated expiry time, even without a data connection. You cannot forward, save, or favourite a self-destructing message, picture or note.


Custom PIN for two-factor security on your Notebook lock screen.


Gain immediate access to your encrypted notes, contacts, voice messages, photos, and groups with a swipe You will no longer need to switch between apps.


Send and receive encrypted voice messages with the choice to accept by earpiece or speaker (or set device to use auto-detection).


There is no cached photo or image data—Images have high-grade quality and the smallest file size.


Available in English, Dutch, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish. German available soon.


Within both individual and group discussions, typing status is available when both users allow this feature. A double check-mark in blue symbolises the recipient has read your message.


When you send or receive an urgent message, the recipient will be notified via a custom sound and vibration sequence. You have the option to control who can send you an urgent message inside your contacts profile.


Messages automatically erase from your device within one to seven days. Marking a message as favourite enables you to retain individual messages for an extensive-time period. Select between seven, fourteen, twenty-one, or thirty days.

Game-Changing Chat Interface

With the CAMP protocol, we provide the most secure encryption method on the market while keeping a clear, simplistic interface that reflects non-encrypted smartphones’ functionality.

encrypted phone

Our simplistic and intuitive chat interface allows:

– Automatic message expiry no data connection needed
– Favourite messages so they will not expire or self-destruct
– Send protected images using the encrypted camera
– Send and receive encrypted voice messages
– Encrypted group chat and hidden group chat capacity
– Choose between ChatMail’s dark or light interface

Unified User Interface

ChatMail employs the leading user experience created to produce a fresh approach to the encryption market. An advanced encryption standard.

encrypted phone
secured level communications

Group Messaging

ChatMail’s custom-designed encryption technology enables the creation of group chat and anonymous group chat in only three simple steps. You can choose whether members are permitted to send voice messages, images, and share contacts. You can also arrange the group to expire after a certain period or set a mandatory message expiry for all interactions.

- T E C H N O L O G Y -

Due to our Simplistic interface with multi-layered encryption algorithms, it’s a smooth transition into the realm of encrypted communications. 


Our exclusive parsing algorithm reconstructs how you view encrypted PGP emails. Our parsing algorithm removes all the insignificant pieces of a PGP encrypted email — subject lines, email sign-offs, etc.— and transforms them to resemble a normal chat message.


You have complete authority over your encryption keys. You can quickly create different keys with the click of a button. Every 24 hours, public keys are automatically retrieved to ensure you never possess an old public key. Individual keys can be renewed manually in a matter of seconds.


ChatMail has two options, dark and light mode depending on your own personal choice and required user experience.

Peace of Mind

Should the unthinkable occur and your device is either unlawfully accessed or taken, you do not need to worry! ChatMail guarantees you will have instant access to and authority over your private information.


You alone can access your data and information via a private password. Your contacts and notebook are recovered quickly by our one-step method.


You can set an optional coercion password, which will automatically erase your sensitive data immediately.


A vital anti-theft feature that enables you to communicate a command to the device to remove all data.


We are the leading encrypted PGP email solution that supports end-to-end encryption. Our email servers act as a relay for your messages and communications. Because ChatMail does not collect and store your sent or received messages. You do not have to worry that your server is removing your sensitive data

private keys
send encrypted message


Security begins the time you turn on your ChatMail device by executing multiple tiers of authentication. This is what end to encryption means. This provides the added security and tamper-proof protection you demand in an encrypted device. Once you open your encrypted mobile phone successfully, you can then insert your ChatMail password to access your private Keystore, thus providing short access to your encrypted database.

When you send a message to a recipient, our proprietary CAMP Protocol moves in and encrypts the message. Then, it uses a subsequent encryption algorithm to save the message in your encrypted database. ChatMail goes ahead the typical E2EE to incorporate all sides of data, whether in transit or at rest, to guarantee your data is continually protected.


Operating system (OS) encryption has advanced a lot in protecting sensitive information; you should never rely on an individual secured method. The OS is the initial assault covering that hackers are actively attempting to abuse and find vulnerabilities. It is invariably more beneficial to have added layers of protection behind that first method for if it is breached your data is at risk.

password protected

Feature Updates

Within our development team, we are continually updating and adding extra features and software improvements.
Updates are swift, painless, and immediate.

If you have an idea that could make ChatMail better, contact us.